What a great clinic! I would never have believed my horse would come that far that fast. Thanks a million, Jim

I think you should rename your clinic to “Confidence Course”. Now when I ride, nothing seems to bother me or my horse (Flash). Just the other day when we were riding several deer came running up on us and instead of freaking out, I just watched those beautiful creatures. You have changed the way I look at the world when I ride and I will be forever grateful. Janie

It used to be when I went riding I avoided obstacles, now I go looking for them. Thanks for a great clinic, Jennifer

I am truly looking forward to your next clinic. Please let me know when you are back in my area because I would love to attend again. Nora I came to your clinic thinking there was no way my “crazy Arab” could do the things in the clinic photos, I was just hoping for some improvement. After walking over the moving bridge, through the smoke, tarps and fire I learned so much about my horse and myself. I can’t wait for your next clinic. I will be watching your website for future clinics in my area. I can’t say thank you enough, Pat

Hi Bill! I want to thank you again for an incredible experience. It took both of us a couple of days for our heart rates to get back to normal. We did a trail ride on Sunday. Heather was clearly annoyed at the other horses when they balked at crossing streams or slogging through mud. She didn’t much like the two coveys of quail that shot up around us at one point, but after taking a step sideways, she stood quietly. Pretty much ignored the barking dog (on lead) that showed up. Many thanks again. I truly hope we get to meet again, Fran and my horse,HeatherBold

Hi Bill, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you sooo much for all of your patience with me and Missy at the clinic. I finally have the confidence and understanding that she will do what I ask her to do instead of her doing what she wants. I would like to stay in touch and also want to find out if you have a date set for the spring clinic. I would love to bring my big paint to see what he will do. He’s a giant goof ball. Missy and I have been spending a lot more time together. I actually look forward to our rides now instead of dreading what she might do. Connie

Hi Bill, Just wanted to touch base with you now that the GDA Auction dust has settled to tell you again how much we appreciated your help & how nice it was to meet you. It looks like we raised a little over $10K & we couldn’t have done it without you – both from a donation standpoint as well as your help before, during and after the auction. You really rounded out the team with your technical expertise! Thanks again & hope to see you again, Kim